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Every Christian should want to be like Jesus more and more every day, imitate him in everything and seek him at all times. He enters this article and learns with us how to ask the Lord to develop in our being more and more.

When someone wants to be like Jesus , they must first be an imitator of Jesus. To do this, you must meet a profile that meets the skills or abilities to achieve it.

Mainly a follower of Jesus must be willing to face the main responsibility that the Lord gave us in the great commission: Go and make disciples.

That was an instruction that Jesus left to his disciples before fully ascending to heaven and now delegated to us. If you want to know a little more about it and why it is so important to become like Jesus , continue reading the article, The Great Commission : What is it? Importance for the Christian.

An imitator of Jesus must responsibly carry out the work of evangelizing, advising, guiding and helping others to come to Christ. The Bible teaches us that all these skills or abilities are given by God as a gift:

So it is God who makes us be servants of Jesus Christ to fulfill the function of shepherding his sheep. To be like Jesus or an imitator of Him, you must have that revealed calling, that gift from God. God’s call to care for souls on the path of faith in Christ Jesus.

Be like Jesus to do like Jesus

To be like Jesus , it is necessary to “Be in Christ in order to do in Christ”. In other words, the work in Christ cannot be done out of commitment or obligation, seeking to please man.

The work in Christ must be done feeling deeply the need to be like Jesus and walk with Him. In this walk, it also includes accompanying others so that they also arrive, grow and resemble Christ.

In the Bible we find some examples of this: The accompaniment of Moses with Joshua, Ruth in the hands of her mother-in-law Naomi, as well as Elijah and Elisha. But, the greatest example is our Lord Jesus Christ, who arranged much of his time to teach, advise, guide and help his disciples.

Characteristics of being like Jesus

Let’s see the main characteristics below of what it means to be like Jesus , according to the Bible.

Teachings of Jesus

When referring to the teachings of Jesus , we speak of immersing ourselves in his word, obedience in order to understand what God is giving us and this allows the transformation of life.

The teachings of Jesus is to carry her in our hearts so that she can make the transformations she wants for our lives and see her character reflected in us; they are actions that happen and you don’t realize it but you begin to feel the peace, the peace that only he can give.

Jesus instructed about the love, kindness and peace of his followers, that these three things overflow in our hearts; God tells us in his word in Matthew 6:26.

Because we have to worry, if he takes care of our needs; but what should I do? Immerse myself in the word of God, and he will do. God knows everything but he wants to guide us through his teachings but you must want to.

The Only Begotten Son, teaching of Jesus

Jesus Christ taught and guided so that everyone understood that He was the only begotten son of God, as it says in John 3:16-17

God our Father says from heaven in Matthew 17:5 “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; hear him . ” In the same way, he taught that his appearance was the same as his Father’s, so he referred to his disciples: “ If you knew me, you would also know my Father; and from now on you know him and have seen him. 

In seeking Jesus, we are seeking God; because he is God, and he is his son. We must understand his teachings in order to see the blessings in our lives.

The prodigal son

This is one of the teachings of Jesus where he reveals his great love for us, we find it in the book of Luke 15; the prodigal son guides us and says that God is always with open arms, waiting to cover us with his love and blessing.

This parable is well known and studied to exemplify the love of Christ; the Master uses the illustration of a deal between a father and his sons; where the eldest of his children, who is obedient, and the youngest son, rebellious and leaves the house. This parable teaches us about:

  • Love, symbolized in the mercy of the father, by giving forgiveness to his son, when he returned after a long time. He made a good banquet and ordered to adorn himself with his best clothes and ordered a ring to be placed on his hand, representing love and dedication.
  • A genuine repentance, represented in the anguish, bitterness and sadness of the son when he squandered his inheritance and the shortages and miseries he experienced when he was left without fortunes or friends.
  • Sin, personified in the disobedience and rebellion of the youngest son, when he asked his father for part of his inheritance and left, to live in what he thought was best.